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“An ELLIPSIS is a grammatical symbol represented by three dots (…) which indicates that an author has purposefully omitted something from a sentence with the intent of more to come later. We believe that Jesus Christ does the same for us, omitting sin, shame, condemnation, etc. leaving each of us with a promise of more to come.”

-Rev. Jenn



The Ellipsis Experience, Inc. is an empowerment organization that provides safe spaces for a woman or a teen girls to explore her personal story, manifest positive change and lean into God’s abundance and purpose for her life.


Last month, I was headed to Maine for weekend getaway with my husband when I sensed God tell me to change directions and head to Atlanta instead; and of course, my incredibly selfless husband made it happen

Why? You may ask. Black Women. Yes, “Black Women” are the reason. This past year, I’ve struggled immensely; as the wounds of rejection I’ve felt from the Church throughout my adulthood pursuing ministry as a woman rose to the surface of my heart and demanded (through emotional & bodily pain) that I deal with is.

It didn’t matter if I have almost 400,000 “followers” online who love me and my work. It didn’t matter if my husband, friends, & family love me. Because of years of the conservative evangelical church (that I grew up in) rejecting my ministerial calling and some Christians attacking me non-stop online over the last three years, I felt as if I didn’t belong anywhere anymore.

The raw pain of years or being rejected, shamed, excluded, ignored, looked over, left out, marginalized & disenfranchised by the Church (due to my gender & calling) showed up like post traumatic stress, confusion, fear physical pain & seasonal depression. I’ve not known where to turn, how to heal or what church to attend where I would be safe to heal. Where could I go where people would understand what I’ve been through, love me as I am, empower my calling & feel a sense of belonging?

And then, I saw this conference in Atlanta with all black women preachers, specifically targeting women & girls with my same exact feelings. The conference was 99% geared towards the struggles of black women; and while I’d never compare my struggles to theirs, I knew that there were no other women out there that could speak to the pain I was feeling than Christian black women who have not only had to deal with being excluded for their gender, but also for their race. The conference housed hundreds of women & teen girls and I was on of maybe three white people there the entire weekend. It’s ironic that this is the place & the puzzle of people where God sent me to fit in, belong & find the motivation to being fighting for my life & calling once again. . .

– 2018 Conference Attendee

Girl we are still being blessed by our experience at Ellipsis!!!

Wanted you to know since I left the conference I really committed focusing on a few items I wanted to accomplish and be able to be a Blessing to others. I have completed a course to become certified Nutrition Coach. Not a Full Nutritionist (that’s a full degree) but the Coach can help with meal planning, groceries shopping, food logs etc.

I have also gotten my CPR certification. Wanted this so I can be Group Fitness Instructor. Working on my first group fitness instructor certification this weekend. I emailed Whitley (Eat Plants and Prosper) She is such an inspiration too! Thank you for creating such an awesome experience to allow us to be our authentic self so God can use Us for His Will and our Desires!

Summer is going great!

– 2019 Conference Attendee


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